Why relocate here?

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The crime rate in the City of Moundville is exceptionally low. I can’t tell you how nice it is to know that your neighbors and local community look out for each other. You can even let your children go outside and play without the paranoia of them getting hurt or taken. The Moundville Police Department provides the residences with patrol on a regular basis.

Economic Opportunity

This is the fastest growing area in the Black Belt. We offer exceptional business opportunities. No matter what type of skill, profession, or business expertise you have, you can succeed here with a little effort and ingenuity! This community is well rounded and has a variety of people who are capable of producing top quality work.

Our Beautiful Season

Unlike some parts of the world, we do not have to endure the harsh winters that can immobilize. We have at least 7 months of warm weather and 5 months of winter. A long walk in the park could be enjoyed by people of all ages. As the sun sets upon Moundville, sit back and take in the sun and enjoy your day.


Compared to many parts of the country, the living cost in Moundville is very reasonable making Moundville a very economical place to raise a family. The average selling price for a single family home in the City of Moundville is $90,000.00. The local stores provide you with reasonable prices that will keep you coming back.

Very Low Taxes

Property taxes do vary but remain incredible low compared to our neighboring counties. Although, the property tax may vary, it is much lower than most places. Taxes are applied to almost any purchase including food, clothing, and medicine.

Great Schools

Moundville Elementary and Hale County High School consistently score very well when compared to other public schools around the country. These schools are much smaller compared to the schools located in Tuscaloosa County. Teachers are able to pay more attention to each student; therefore, the teachers are able to continue to challenge each student and make them competitive for the workplace.


Why start or relocate your business in Moundville?

  • The majority of Moundville lies in Hale County which makes business owners eligible for MASSIVE tax breaks and rural grants from the federal government.
  • Moundville is uniquely positioned adjacent to the Black Warrior River making it perfect for certain industrial businesses
  • The Alabama Great Southern Railroad runs through the heart of Moundville again benefiting industrial and manufacturing businesses
  • Touching Tuscaloosa County with certain zones in Tuscaloosa County.

There are many reasons to start your new business or relocate in Moundville. Moundville lies ten minutes from Tuscaloosa, AL,  and this provides a buffer from the traffic and congestion but close enough to reap the benefits of its proximity. There are parts of Moundville that are zoned in Tuscaloosa County which could be advantageous.

There is a reason Mercedes Benz located 20 minutes outside of Tuscaloosa. Lower start-up costs, tax breaks, rural grants and country living on the edge of a city. Just look at some of our neighborhoods in Moundville!