Moundville currently has a Volunteer Fire Department with Mark Dockery as Chief and Nick Wyatt is assistant chief. Andy Hoggle and Michael Taylor are Captains. There are 22 members in the fire department with nine members being classified as Fire Fighter 1. The class for training men as Fire Fighter 1 requires 200 hours of class time. All firemen are encouraged to participate in the class.

Tommy Muckenfuss – Chief
Ted Barrett – Asst. Chief
Chuck Folts – Captain
Mike Shelnut – Firefighter
Mark Dockery – Firefighter
Paula Bates – Firefighter
Joel Spence – Firefighter
Raymoud Hatter – Firefighter/Police Officer
Lamarcus Mayes – Firefighter/Police Officer
Paula Bates – Firefighter
Carl Bates – Firefighter
Cody Flora – Firefighter

Eric Resler – Firefighter
Kevin Davis – Firefighter/Police Officer
Michael Duke – Firefighter/Police Officer
Tim Evans – Firefighter
James Fondren – Firefighter
Chase Kelly – Firefighter
Christina Sherlock – Firefighter
Bill Curtin – Firefighter
Shelley Folts – Firefighter
Justin Welshans – Firefighter
Mike Lendner – Firefighter
Dan Stokes – Firefighter
Christian Burch – Firefighter


The town has two pumper trucks, two tanker trucks and one mini-pumper. There also is an incident command vehicle. All members who drive any of the fire vehicles are required to have had Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) before operating such vehicle.

The department has received over 1.3 million dollars in FEMA grant monies during the past three years to help improve fire and communication services for the town and county.