City of Moundville

City of Moundville

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410 Market Street
Moundville AL 35474
Phone- (205)371-2641
Fax- (205)371-9160

All Call

In addition to this newly implemented website, Moundville is adopting an “all call” alert system. If the Mayor has an announcement for Districts 2 and 5, he can record a voicemail and the system immediately calls everyone in those districts. If you don’t answer, no problem, the recording goes straight to your voicemail. City Hall can send a message to anyone in Moundville by using different criteria ie. Hale County High School, Public Works employees, and so on.

The advantages of All Call are:

Emergency Info Dissemination
Disaster Preparedness
General Announcements
School Announcements
City Town Hall Meetings
Immediate Mass Communication
*This system of communication will not be “spammy” with approximately one or two calls/month


Please call City Hall to update information for all call system (205)-371-2641